Dance tracks for schools

 Are you singing in your next production?

Is your stage school or drama school or singing class doing a musical production or a singing demonstration or concert? Do You need cost effective musical accompaniment for your songs to make singing your set easier? Well backing tracks could be your answer. Putting on a Stage School or drama school production is expensive but with backing tracks you could help reduce your drama class or singing class cost and still get a wonderful production. Singing to a backing track is one solution.

Affordable backing tracks prepared by an experienced school music specialist, who understands the pitch and tempo children need.

Select from our list on the website, or ask us to consider adding what you need.

Rehearsal pianist

Rehearsal Pianist is an online service providing quality piano song accompaniments for singers and performing Arts Schools you can download or custom order. 

Specialising in musical theatre songs we are Ideal for audition, show or exam preparation, making life much easier for the singers to rehearse and perform.   

Our downloads are sensitively recorded to allow for breathing and phrasing while our custom tracks are recorded to your exact specifications - after all, your voice is unique! 

Competitively priced, highly flexible and committed to the service we offer, we invite you to visit our site: Rehearsal Pianist, intelligent practice for vocalists.     

Practice tracks

At Practice tracks you will find many songs for you to sing and exercises for all singers played on a real piano, and just as good as an audition pianist/coach would play for you.

Each track has at least three mp3 files.

The piano accompaniment for singers is played from the commercially available piano score.

A piano top-line, so that you can hear exactly the notes you should sing.

A few tips about the song from , professional vocal coach, Tom Wakeley to help all singers too.

To find out more and download your songs now,click on the link above.      



John Holland  Composer and Arranger

For singers who need specially written music John Holland is the answer.  

Do you need professionally reproduced sheet music that's not available in the shops for your song or show?

Are you looking for band parts for a song you need to perform but they don't exist?

Is your song in the wrong key for your vocalist and you need it transposed?

Need a little something for a special concert, but it's two weeks away?

For these and any other musical problems that need to be sorted quickly, please contact:  

John on 07765 147324 or email

Experienced in writing for schools, adult amateurs and professionals and ready for anything at a reasonable price!

Backing Tracks for Tap Dance and Gentle excercise

DANCE MUSIC's Dance and Exercise Music
CDs are unique
Practice Tap Selections 1, 2 & 3
These are collections of slow, medium and up-tempo instrumental standards – just perfect for tap. Great for teaching tap classes or practicing tap sequences in rehearsal.

Exercise Music, Gentle Selection 1
This collection of favourite instrumental standards, arranged in 7 sections of tunes at different speeds, is perfect to get the maximum benefit out of seated and gentle exercise classes, with frail or older participants

To order these Tap and Gentle excercise tapes please click HERE