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Dance Classes, Drama and Singing Classes Portishead | Stagecoach

Dance classes Portishead, Drama and Singing Classes Portishead| Stagecoach Performing Arts School

Welcome to Stagecoach Theatre Arts - 01179 679 659

Dancing classes, Drama and singing for children at Portishead for children.

Dance classes Bristol South WestStagecoach Theatre Arts Classes in Portishead are for young people aged 4-18.

Drama, singing and dance classes run on Fridays after school at Gordano school, Portishead near Bristol with occasional holiday workshops.

Performing Arts classes help youngsters gain confidence and self-esteem and learn to express themselves creatively and effectively.

You will be surprised how soon they will move more fluidly, speak more clearly, and engage with life more creatively.

Stagecoach Portishead Performing Arts School teaches singing, dance and drama on a weekly basis from GORDANO SCHOOL St Mary's Road, Portishead Bristol BS20 7QR

The skills they will aquire at Stagecoach Portishead will not disappear when they come off stage; they are skills for life. Stagecoach is not just for performers, it is also for those who wish simply to enjoy learning to act, sing and dance.

Dance, Drama and Singing for Children

01179 679 659

 Whether a child is a natural performer or simply looking for an enjoyable way to boost their self-esteem, the skills they'll learn at Stagecoach schools in the UK will stand them in good stead. Because these skills - confidence, self-expression and creativity - are not just applicable to performance. They are skills for life.

Our caring and talented teachers at Portishead ensure they learn new skills whilst having lots of fun.

Children's Dance classes PortisheadTo find out more about how your child can benefit from training at Stagecoach Portishead with details of fees and how to enrol, please email the Principal Fae by using the details on the left of the screen or call 01179 679 659

Stagecoach Portishead covers the areas of West Hill, Redcliffe Bay, Sheepway, Walton Bay, Clapton in Gordano, Lower Failand, Portbury, Pill, Easton in Gordano, Ham Green, Avonmouth, Shirehampton and Coombe Dingle so if you are looking for dance classes, singing lessons or acting classes for young people, Stagecoach has it all and under one roof!

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Contact Name:
Fae McIntyre

School Address:
Gordano School
St Mary's Road,
Portishead,Backwell, Nailsea, Flax Bourton, Failand, Yatton, Clevedon
BS20 7QR
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01179 679 659

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From Our Timetable:

Early Stages (ages 4 - 6)

Friday at 16:15 - 17:45

Our Early Stages classes integrate half an hour of singing, half an hour of dance, and half an hour of drama tuition. A well-rounded session full of energy and stimulating material designed to bring out the creativity in every child.We emphasise teamwork, and everyones contribution is important.

Singing work involves vocal technique exercises and learning fun songs; dance work involves balance, poise, posture, and learning routines; drama classes help children work together to create stories, characters and explore their imaginative powers.

You'll be amazed how quickly they progress. We have regular opportunities for parents to come in and see the work, and reports from the teacher and the principal twice a year.

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