The Pied Piper Of Hamelin | Scripts



A slightly different take on a long standing and much loved story of The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.

With Bruce Forsyth as the Town Crier and greedy politicians refusing to pay the Piper - chaos ensues. Other fairytales and well loved stories are called upon too with Hansel & Gretel, a toy-maker and a few town gossips to boot.

Stage 1 have 23 parts & play the rats divided into four groups – Posh Rats, Hungry Rats, Smelly Rats & Military Rats all vying for the best food on offer.

Stage 2 have 22 parts and are the local children who have the feel of the kids from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – hungry and afraid but ultimately triumph.

Stage 3 have 20 parts and play mainly the adults of the village and suurounds.

Some students could double up on parts if too many to go around.

There are lots of comic, contemporary references but with the feel of a medieval romp.

Suitable material for 6 – 18 year olds, the show, gives each stage’s students a significant speaking part with funny one-liners and lots of on stage time.

Detailed Stage Directions have been provided to aid with staging, along with tried and tested Song and Dance choices. The show runs for approximately 75 minutes.

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

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