Summer Dance Schools

Dance holiday summer schools and workshops

Dancing Summer Schools and workshops in the UK and Ireland

Dance Schools give Children an exciting opportunity to learn new valuable skills or improve exsisting ones. Your child will make new friends and experience new teachers, opportunities and have a great time.

Dance schools all over the UK are lining up to offer your child a superb variety of different dance styles at their holiday workshops.

Dance is a great way to develop your child’s confidence in Dance in an environment of fun, energetic creativity, they will be guaranteed to have a wonderful time at summer school and make lifelong friends.

Summer holiday activities and holiday workshops give your child an exciting new dynamic which stimulates their minds and occupies them in a very positive way.

Many of the Dance Summer Schools for kids culminate in either a theatre performance or a display for parents and families.

The excitement and great sense of worth this gives your child is immeasurable.

Putting your child in an unfamiliar but safe environment is a great way for your child to move forward and make the changes the long summer holidays afford.      

The summer holidays have long been recognised as the a bench mark for growth in both height and mind and as your child returns to school in September an inch taller and sporting a brand new blazer they will take with them their experiences and life skills they cultivated during the long summer and weeks they spent dancing to a different tune!